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Christmas Traditions Around the World

Great Britain

Most of the Christmas traditions in Great Britain are similar to the ones in the United States. They go from residence to house, asking young children if they had been excellent or poor, and gift the excellent kids with ca read more...

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Dollhouse Furniture

Some kits contain pre-reduce wooden pieces that want to be fitted or glued with each other. To give them the finished look, you want to apply a coat of wood stain or paint. Use tiny scraps of fabric as tablecloths, or leave them just like that. read more...

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Setting trend for new generation of names; What to call your child is getting more and more difficult, as MITYA UNDERWOOD discovers.


DONNA Price and partner Alan Hunter wanted to make sure picked the per-name for their new-born.

The couple, who live in North Shields, took far more than a week soon after their daughter was born read more...

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Literature Review John Steinbeck, Cup of Gold

The plantation in Barbados becomes the launching point for Henry's dream, as he is in a position to learn how to speak to guys in order to command respect, cunning techniques for battle and diplomacy through James Flower's immense library and busi read more...

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Tunisia declares state of emergency after deadly bus blast

Tunisia declares state of emergency right after deadly bus blast - Yahoo News

Tunis (AFP) - Tunisia's President Beji Caid Essebsi declared a nationwide state of emergency and a curfew in the capital following a bomb attack on a presidential read more...